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State of the Art Properties, INC is a Property Management firm dedicated to state of the art housing options. With over 50 years of combined residential and commercial real estate experience, State of the Art Properties, INC is the premier choice for the insurance temporary housing industry and corporate market.


Generate excitement after receiving your corporate or insurance housing request, our staff provides housing options within 24-48 hours throughout the state of Michigan. Our knowledgeable real estate agents, brokers, and property managers understand how to navigate the terrain of ready to move in homes and condos, that in many cases are pet friendly.


From hotel to home, we understand the importance of offering sparkly clean and aesthetically pleasing properties to our clients and their customers. Although these homes are not the “forever homes”, our strategic partnership with our vendors create strong relationships to attain homes with many amenities that are fully furnished even down to the dog bowl. At State of the Art Properties, we understand that the transition after an insurance loss or relocating to a new city or state is complex. We offer low non-refundable deposits to reduce the costly hotel stays and move expeditiously to the condo or home.

Our Services

Insurance Adjusters

Looking for a local representative that understands the true “fair market value? Tired of the ongoing expensive hotel bills or complaints from policy holders regarding the condition of the temporary home? We can help.

State of the Art Properties manages properties in Michigan that are highly sought after and ready to move in. Our homes are prepared prior to move in with a thorough inspection and entry cleaning. We offer you consistency. Similar to a hotel experience, all homes/condos are freshly clean and the carpets steam cleaned prior to move in. Our representatives are licensed realtors, brokers, and certified property managers that understand the real estate market.

If one of our properties is currently not available, we can still help locate and secure quality housing for your policy holders.

Temporary Housing Companies

We understand the insurance industry and the reason for speed and quality housing that falls within budget. Our homes and condos that we manage are all within budget and provide many amenities such as furniture options as well as updated homes.

Our beautiful and upgraded homes are highly sought after. After viewing our properties, the Policy Holder will not have to waste days, weeks, or even months in costly hotels to find their temporary housing which will help save the ALE dollars.

Corporate Housing Representative

Our Team understands the importance of your employees and contractors feeling comfortable where they reside. Typically, we are able to find a reduction from 30-40% off the amounts paid in hotel stays. We offer a minimum of one month stays in affordable yet comfortable condos or single family homes.

Furniture Options

We offer quick turn around time with furniture packages that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Our strategic vendors are able to deliver sanitized and cleaned furniture by unpacking every kitchen essential and making the beds to get ready for the new resident to move in.

State of the Art Properties offers various furniture packages with a 48 hours delivery time. For special emergencies, we even offer Saturday delivery!

Low Deposit Options

State of the Art Properties offers a unique solution for our residents and our clients. Instead of costly security deposits that may prohibit an insured or transferred to be able to move, we have the state of the art non-refundable deposit option with as low as $500.00, for example.

Owners or Landlords Interested in Property Management

Tired of evicting tenants that skipped out on rent and destroyed your home investment? Maybe we are a fit. We are looking for upgraded and well maintained homes that are clean.


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